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The current LCER Executive voted in on 12 September. The current Officers are until October 2012.

Professor Lord Raymond Plant of Highfield
John Denham MP

William Bain MP

Vice Chairs:

Paul Blomfield MP,
Ben Bradshaw MP,
Mary Honeyball MEP,
Austin Mitchell MP
Virendra Sharma MP

Treasurer: Terry Ashton

Parliamentary & Political Officer:

Mary Southcott

Women's and Equality Officer:
Emily Georghiou

The Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform (LCER) is a Labour-based

organisationwhich has worked over years to show that our antiquated first

past the post voting system distorts our democracy, encourages an

adversarial political culture and divides us, North-South, urban-rural,

rather than building consensus and cooperation. Since the 2010 General

Election we have worked across the Labour spectrum on democratic

reform to show the effects of reducing the number of MPs from 650 to

600, basing the size of constituencies on registered voters rather than

population; ensuring that, should there be any replacement House of

Lords, that it reflects the diversity of our Society; showing that the West

Lothian Question would be less important with voting systems which

reflect the votes cast; building arguments which connect our constitution

with outcome in bread ‘n butter, real life outcomes.

LCER Current Newsletter

Autumn 2012

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Autumn 2011

Post-Election 2010  
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